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Hello everybody, I've been visiting Tom's for quite some time now but I just decided to create a forum account for two reasons: 1. Itd be pretty cool to get more involved
2. I need help with something :(

I was thinking of purchasing this OCZ modxstream 700w psu for my future gaming rig. However, the psu in my current computer has something wrong with the bearings in the fan so it makes a noise like a jet engine, so I was thinking of just buying the psu now and using it in my current rig until i get the rest of my parts to actually make a decent pc.

Only problem is that the fan on the psu is upwards facing, and my no-name case has a top mounted power supply. I feel really stupid for asking this, but is it fine to run the psu upside down so that it could actually get some air? otherwise the fan will be pulling air in from a solid wall which i would think would make the psu overheat...

Thanks all!
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  1. welcome to the forum, the PSU if installed from the top of the case should be fan side down. It does not install as such?
  2. If you install the psu with the fan upside down it will explode into 10,000 pieces...ok, ok I might be exagerating a little.

    The psu should be installed upside down, it doesn't matter which way the psu is facing as long as it gets air and you can fit the power cables into the plugs.
  3. samwelaye said:

    Only problem is that the fan on the psu is upwards facing

    The fan is only upward facing in the photos because it is a selling point, bigger fan quieter operation, look at the label on the side of the psu, it's upside down in the photos.
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    For all practical purposes there is no such thing as a psu being "upside down". Depending on the case configuration a power supply can be mounted in a tower case with either the fan on top or on the bottom of the psu. In horizontal desktop cases or rackmount server chassis a psu might be installed with the fan on the left or right side of the psu. It just depends.
  5. alrighty thanks everyone! if a mod could label this as "solved" thatd be great, or maybe im supposed to do it :P ill figure it out in a sec
  6. any specific reason why? the modxstreams are modular and are on an amazing sale atm, the 700w unit costingt 65$ after discounts and then rebates. the corsair is 90 and it is not of a modular design. the website with the review of the modxstream 700 seemed incredibly biased against it, many other websites have spectacular reviews of the same unit

    EDIT: that 650watt corsair is actually looking really tempting, my future build is probably going to be an i3-530, and then either sli GTS 250s, crossfire 4850s, or a single 5770 and then another 5770 when i get some more cash. would the corsair 650 be able to handle the duo 5770s just fine? id assume it could since their max power draw is actually pretty low, but i just wanna make sure. part time grocery bagger means i gotta choose all my parts correctly on the first try :P
  7. Amazing sale? No, that's the same price they've been for months. They're cheap because they're low quality products.

    Jonnyguru and HardOCP are the two most trustworthy PSU review sites on the internet. Period. Most PSU reviews on the web are of the "We plugged it in and it worked, so it must be good. Please, send us more free products to 'review'. " variety.

    Edit: 650w is enough for any of those GPU combos
  8. logan the huge said:

    Edit: 650w is enough for any of those GPU combos

    alrighty thanks a bunch logan. ill be buying it right now so i dont forget and miss out on the 10% off
  9. Excellent choice. Good luck with your build.
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