Trouble unlocking my X2 550

So after purchasing some games through Steam's "Autumn Sale" I was going to try unlocking my additional cores on my CPU to make my experience better :)
When I go into BIOS though there is no option to unlock the cores, to even see if mine is available for unlocking.

My motherboard is a - msi 7374 ( aka MSI K9N2 SLI PLATINUM ) if anyone could shed some light for a rookie !

*edited motherboard info.
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    Check that out it pretty much has everything you need to know on how to unlock 550, if your mobo does not have the option then I guess you cant try it.
  2. after a ton of reading on lots of sources I guess my mobo is one of a few nvidia 750sli boards that cant unlock cores : /
  3. ;( it happens, just overclock it instead
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