ATI HD4890 performance issues

Hello everybody!

I have a problem with my PC and dont really know the cause.
First off, my rig:

Intel i7 950
6 Gig HyperX memory
800 W powersuply
2 x ATI HD4890 in crossfire

Now it seems since 2 weeks i get terrible performance issues. Games that i used to play at 1900 x 1200 resolution on high are now impossible to play.

I checked my cables, everything is connected correctly.
Then i checked if there was overheating, im on a constant 45°C so thats ok.

I can't seem to find the problem. It was okay 2 weeks ago.
Oh yeah, i did a format aswell, same issue remains.
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  1. Check if any program is is hogging the memory or not? Could be worms.
  2. There are no processes that are taking up memory. And worms should be gone with the format I did i reckon?
  3. If you formatted the whole drive then it may have gone.... But if you did only the C drive, worms present in other drives soon take over!
  4. I can try and do a scan. But wouldn't I be able to see them as processes?
  5. While I would certainly look for malware on your system, Im not sure thats where I would focus.

    Did you make any changes to your system? Even something small? Installed any new applications? Move a cable?

    Can you run a memory benchmark - this should validate the system is ok before you move onto graphics testing...Does CPUz match what you think your system is doing?

    Pick any sort of benchmark tool and run GPUz in the background - what are the GPU clocks doing? Does the benchmark run? Are they correct? Are they increasing with 3d and falling back when done? Are they at the right speed?

    Remove one of the 4890's and see if it works right. Swap and look again.

    4890's do not run at 45C - thats idle speed (unless you are using water). Whats the temp while playing?
  6. The temp while playing is around 70° C. I doubt that its a overheating problem, i have an antec 1200, so full of coolers. Next to that i have the HD4890 formula editions where the cooling is in the center of the card and not on the far right.

    My system doesnt feel slow, only when i game.
  7. Seems it was a bad contact. I had alot of problems yesterday.
    I opend my case and wiggled the cards abit and now it seems to be fine.

    Hope this solves this.
  8. Well it started again. But i found the problem. I have a Crossfire setup and the cooling of the bottom card fell out. So i had a overheating problem.

    I was able to return both cards and switch them for a HD 5870.
    So this is solved
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