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I have a Asus p5qpl-am motherboard which has de ability to take optu 2X4gb ddr2 memory 667 mhz upto 1066mhz. My user guide Says: 1066 mhz overclocking).
What does this mean should i get a 1066mhz if i want to overclock my pc?
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  1. No, better get DDR2/800. It means you have to OC if you want to use 1066 RAM.
  2. It means you will have to manually set the RAM frequency, latency timings, and voltage in the BIOS for the RAM to achieve 1066MHz (such RAM is generally 800MHz at default). 1066 RAM may be helpful if you want to OC your system, it has more headroom for adjusting the CPU's clockspeed.
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