Nvidia 7300 GT Doesnt Fit in AGP 4x Slot

Hi, recenlty my friend gave me an Nvidia XFX 7300 gt graphics card to upgrade from my old MX 440 card. The 7300 gt is an agp 8x card and the 440 is a 4x card. I thought the card would fit but it didn't. I want to know if there are any kinds of adapters so that i can put it in my computer? Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

My Comp Specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte P4 Titan 667
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4ghz
Ram: 512 mb
GPU: Geforce 4 MX 440 (i have the Nvidia XFX 7300 gt that i want to upgrade to)
PSU: 350 watt

The problem is that the 7300 gt will not fit into the agp slot on my motherboard. If you look at the pics below, youll see that the concections of both cards are substantially different. If you could direct me to some kind of adapter or something it would be great. PLZ HELP! Thank you.

7300 gt:
MX 440:

Apparently, the 7300 gt should fit in my slot.
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  1. Hello.

    I have an agp 4x slot on my motherboard. I got a 7300 gt to upgrade my system. It didn't fit in the slot. Can you help me?

    Motherboard: Gigabyte P4 Titan 667

    I have presently a Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 440, which i wanted to change but cant. If you look at some pictures, you see the part that goes in the slot looks significantly difffernt than the 7300 gt. The 7300 gt is a agp 8x card, but it should work.

    What i want to know if there is like an adapter or something like it that i can use to put the 7300 gt in my system. Thank you in advance. Is there anyway i can get this card working or do i have to keep my scrappy MX 440?
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    Are you 100% sure your 7300GT is AGP?
    It was released both for AGP and PCIe, perhaps you got one of the latter ones.

    Perhaps you could post a picture of your card so we can see just what is going on?
  3. maybe you just have to manually pull the white lever aside so the card will slip in ?
  4. you sure its not pci?
  5. Looking at the image you provided in the other thread, you purchased a PCI-Ex16 graphics card (google search the part number).

    You need to return that card and get an AGP card.

    -Wolf sends
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  7. Yup, if your new GPU has a connector like shown in the picture above, it is PCIe and will not work with your motherboard.
  8. outlw6669 said:
    Are you 100% sure your 7300GT is AGP?
    It was released both for AGP and PCIe, perhaps you got one of the latter ones.

    Perhaps you could post a picture of your card so we can see just what is going on?

    From the pictures you provided, my 7300 gt seems to be a PCI 16x card. Is there any way i can still put it into my computer?
  9. apache_lives said:
    you sure its not pci?

    Sorry, it is a PCI
  10. Is there any way or adapter that will make my PCI card fit in my AGP 4x slot
  11. Unfortunately not.
    The two standards are incompatible.
  12. Damnit, thanks anywat
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  14. Thankyou heaps for your time. I guess i won't be able to play good games :(
  15. TBH a 7300GT is not really a good gaming card either :/
    Combine with your quite old platform, you would still not be able to play any newer games, even with everything lowered...

    What you really need is an inexpensive platform upgrade.
    Even a decent IGP will give you much better gaming performance than a 7300GT....
    For about $275 you can get a new Athlon II x2 250, ASUS 785G Motherboard, 4GB DDR3 and a New PSU.
    I would recommend saving for a few months and getting something similar of a little better.
  16. Yes listen to outlw6669, I was about to recommend the same exact thing.. I recently put together a system that can run crysis decently I spent like 300$ on this machine,

    keep in mind this is almost as cheap as it gets lol.. All the parts had decent reviews and its working out so far, I dont have the links but on newegg you will find the items

    Foxcon am2 motherboard, 36.99 (im not kidding)
    AMD X2 5600+ Brisbane 2.9GHZ 54$ With free shipping
    4GB ddr 800memory 90$ with free shipping
    9800GT EE 1024mb 550/900 99$ free shipping

    I had the case and everything else, I was shocked at what you can get now adays for so cheap! all the way!
  17. How the hell could you get it so cheap??!?!? A motherboard for $37!!!!! 1g DDR ram costs that mich in most places!?!?!
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