Basic Home PC for 400$

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within 2 days of now (before February 19th)
BUDGET RANGE: $400-$500

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (Watching movies online, on dvds, browsing the internet in general. there will be no 3d gaming at all)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: speakers are not required



PARTS PREFERENCES: as cheap as possible without completely forgetting reliability and performance (best price/performance)



MONITOR RESOLUTION: It will sit on a small desk in a small room so pretty much any LCD over 15" and under 20"

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: should be reasonably quiet. I have experience building high end gaming pcs but when it comes to small setups I have no clue what to look for in price/performance. Building a basic computer for a family member who just needs to be online and watching movies. There needs to be no room for upgrade at all, and I have nothing but speakers to start this with. So basically, I need case, gpu(integrated or not), mobo, psu, mouse, keyboard, monitor, os, ram, dvd drive, hard drive, cpu (integrated or not). Anything they will notice as quicker than the windows ME storebought shes had for way too many years now. I am truly begging for help right now, as I am on a tight schedule with this.
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    and amd athlon x2
    am3 mb with a 785 g chipset so you dont need a gfx card

    with an operating system you are over budget

    buy a dell
  2. buy a dell :)
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  4. An OS was my main problem when I was trying to keep this around 400-500. That and the monitor.
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