Sdhc as bootable raid ssd

can i use cheap sdhc memory,cheap card readers, and a usb 2.0 pci expansion card to create a third bootable raid partition. ?i know the mobo has to b raid capable,and usb bootable.can this hardware be configured to be used like an ssd?
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  1. Huh - I wrote a question like this years ago. Cheap RAID SSD. You won't get anything like the performance of an SSD from this, probably less than the performance of a decent HDD. The best, class 10, SDHC is class 10 because it gives a sustained IO rate of at least 10 MB/sec. It would take an awful lot of those to add up to a decent HDD.

    Motherboards will not RAID USB drives. Generally, they rely on the southbridge which can only RAID SATA drives attached directly to southbridge ports, or a Marvell chip that can link two drives in a strange proprietary implementation of RAID 1 or RAID 0.

    Short answer: no.
  2. Thank you WyomingKnott. Well now I know.I thought it was a good idea.Guess not.I am not concerned with such a configurcreation being able to compete with an ssd performance wise anyway.Just hoped i could use this stuff to multiboot old windows on and newer version on the mobos ide, and newer again with the sata.Might look more into MARVELL CHIPS to learn more.Thanks
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