XFX 5850 Black Edition for 27" monitor??

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Will the XFX 5850 Black Edition (specs below) be powerful enough to play the latest racing games (Grid, Dirt2, NFS Shift...) at full res. on a 27" monitor (2048 X 1152). What kind of performance (fps) should I expect?

Black Edition has core clock of 765 MHz vs. the normal 725 MHz.
Black Edition has memory clock of 1125Mhz(4.5Gbps) vs. the normal 1000Mhz(4.0Gbps)

Thanks all!

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    Yes it will play all those games perfectly, The most demading game there is Dirt 2 and I get a steady 60FPS in DX11 mode with all details at highest settings no AA at 1920 x 1080.
    Using a 5850 at stock and a ci7 920 @ 4ghz

    I also have GRID, 100+FPS all the time. : )
  2. Yep, it will easily play those games at the resolution. I have a 28" LCD(1920x1200) and play all games perfectly with a 4870 1GB.
  3. It will play those games on your 27" easily.
    Go for it!! :)
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  5. I'm not sure there is a huge benefit in Black Edition over regular, but it will do what you want. My 'normal' Sapphire did 775/1125 fine.
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