How much of a performance increase do you see when you overclock?

On a gaming rig, how much of an increase in frame rate would you see should you overclock? How far do you need to go to get a noticeable result? Are you pleased with the results you've gotten?
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  1. Truely you should only overclock to even out a current bottleneck. If there is no bottleneck and you want the top performance you can get out of every component. you overclock. Are the results noticeable? depends. depends on the hardware. and depends on how much you OC.
  2. Depends on the game. I have my i5-3570k at 4.4GHz up from 3.2, and I have to say, when it makes a difference, it makes a BIG difference. Battlefield 3, Shogun 2, basically any CPU-heavy game will see a large improvement.
  3. This really depends, your questions are very vague.

    It depends on the exact hardware and the exact game!
  4. For gaming, overclocking a cpu will help with cpu intensive games like Starcraft 2. And if you have an unlocked processor its like getting free performance by overclocking. I have an i5 2500K overclocking to 4.5 Ghz. I've noticed a slight increase when running virus scans but it could all be in my head. :-)
  5. youll see a better framerate improvement with most games if you ugrade your video card. not that many games are cpu intensicve, most rely primarily on the gfx card, and they dont overclock very well. 5 years ago, the top of the line nvidia 8800gt has 112 cores, now, the mid level nvidia 650 has like 356 cores. that will really improve your gaming, and overclocking your processsor is just the cheap way for compensating for an outdated video card.
  6. I have an e2180 (older intel dual core, one step higher than a celeron so an low end cpu) and it was stock at 2ghz and I OC it to 3ghz without even increasing the voltage that much. As for FPS increase in games I can't remember what the increase was but I remember I got a pretty good increase in FPS after doing this and OC my 320mb 8800gts and tightening up the timing to the ram. When it was done I was getting as good or better frame rates than people who were running higher end CPU's and the 8800gtx and 8800 ultra cards in a lot of instances if I remember correctly and those were the top end cards in the $600+ range back than from what I recall and my card was bought for less than $150.
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