Case builders tout USB 3.0 connectors. Any difference?

Looking at cases and PSUs for an August-2010 Socket 1366 build ...

Pre-amble: Some case companies are now touting USB 3.0 and/or eSata-III case connectors.

Question: Is there any physical or electrical (other than length) difference, to the case connectors ???

Discussion ... Is this marketing BS, or is there some difference we should take note of ?

Thank you, in advance.

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    Yes, there are electrical differences. There was a recent article let me see... I didn't find it but here's a pic:
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    would be good to know ... I realize USB3 will surely be backwards-compatible, but the question, if it wasn't clear, was is there any diff in the "newly announced" cases that tout USB3 case connects ? It is a "New Build" consideration for some (if not many), especially those of us who are in no frantic hurry to build.

    = sigh =
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