Faulty graphics card?

Hi, I think my gpu died on me. Last night i turned off pc as normal. Today in the morning i tried to turn it on, no luck, just fans spin for less than second and goes off. Took out every compinent from computer and left only cpu in. Tried to turn it on - its working. Put everything back and checked after every part if pc turns on. It doesnt turn on when i have gpu connected, take gpu out and it turns on again. Specs:
Gigabyte GA-P35-DSR3
Intel Core 2 E6850 +3.0Ghz per core
500GB HDD Seagate
Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer FATAL1TY
GeForce 8800GTX
ThermalTake Soprano Case
600w ocz Stealth extreme PSU
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  1. It could be your psu, and may be the problem. Getting the card to boot may be too much for the psu.
    It could also be the card, only way to tell is to try the card elsewheres, and or, push your psu with known good components
  2. First off, take the card out and give it a close visual inspection, look for burnt or discoloured components: It my just be a popped capacitor and these can be replaced.
    A popped capacitor will not look smooth and cylindrical, the top may be bulged or even split, as may the side.
    If a replacement is needed this should help you see which card/s are a direct replacement or upgrade:


    As Jaydeejohn says, the PSU may also be a problem: The 8800 is an older card and draws a lot of power so if the PSU is failing the extra load may well be enough to stop the system booting-so which PSU do you have?
  3. As stated in my first post, i have 600w ocz psu, i guess its not recommended to try to put gpu with pc turned on? i was using this pc for more that 2 years and didnt have problems like that. Looking for temporary gpu now, using laptop atm. Any recommendations for good gpu under 100 euro?
  4. The price will vary according to your location but here in good old Blighty (UK) I can see the HD4870 for under 100 Pounds UK and the HD4850 for under 90 Pounds, while the 9800GT/GTX is around the same price they are both slower than the ATI cards.
    This handy chart might help you decide:

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