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I have brass motherboard stand-offs, they did not come with screws, I am used to using the steel screws, but did not have enough. searching through my computer stuff I found a dozen brass screws that fit the stand-offs perfectly and are a bit smaller than the steel counterparts. Logic tells me this should be fine, but I want to be sure before I bring this new quad board up, please advise.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. That will do just fine...

    the screw holes on the motherboard are meant for metal contact, however if you are peranoid than they do make little nylon or fabric washers for peace of mind.
    But like i said the brass screws will be fine as long as the head does not extend outside of the outlined circles around the screw holes on the mobo!!
  2. Well, brass has a different "co-efficient of conductivity" than steel ...

    P S Y C H E ! ! !

    Naw, just "screwin' " with Ya ! If any screw is a "tight and clean" thread match and if the heads are not overlapping onto active/conductive (non ground) traces ... if they tighten down snugly and do not contact or interfere with any physical or electrically active component, then, no worries ... fire it up!

    ATX/BTX is an industry standard ... from u-ATX to E-BTX, I'm pretty sure those screw are all 'zactly the same. I buy bags of them from FRY's 'tronics or my local network spply. dont use the hex-head or drive-mount varieties, though ... if they do not thread perfectly, you will, at least, strip the female standoff threads. ?Not a world-ending error, unless the screw ends up rolling around your MB traces.

    A bag of screws, with brass and plastic/nylon standoffs (which all match) is available for under $5, locally, so, if in doubt ... go buy a bag and rest easier.

    Tell ya what, ... Fire it up and, if it smokes-n-chokes, you can blame me!

  3. lol Alvin you are everywhere i go... good advice
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