System Fan Failed!

As soon as my customers computer boots up, i get this error: System Fan Failed!
I replaced the fan and still get that error, and i have tried everything to fix it. What are my other options? What can i do? Thanks in advance for all your input and help!!
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  1. My first inclination would be to check the bios. Start there and maybe updating it
  2. and by updating the bios do u mean to flash them? i've never really updated them would i do this? thanks so much!! :D
  3. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you when said "customer" I assumed you were a computer professional. If so, how is it you never encountered a bios update?
  4. Are you sure you have the fan plugged into the correct place?
  5. Falcon, my partner who did that part of it is not with us anymore...sadly! Yes everything is all plugged in. I have never experienced this b4, and have done everything i know of. Thx again!
  6. I'm sorry to hear that Amy. :(

    As for the error, I'm assuming it gives you the error message at post and you have to press F1 to continue and it then continues booting correct?

    Now the bios tells you one thing, but is there, or was there a defective fan. You said you replaced one. Did you confirm it had actually failed?

    Is this a HP, Dell or other big oem or a system you and your partner assembled?

    I would start with the fans. If they all work, reset the bios, don't flash it yet. There should be a clear CMOS jumper on the board or you could just pull the battery for a minute. This may do the job and its much lower risk than the flash. Save the Flash for the very last option.

    I need to know more about the system to provide any further advice.

    Good luck.
  7. Thanks so much Falcon!
    Yes it gives me the error at post and have to press F2 to continue.
    However, the windows/OS has been deleted, and i have to reinstall it.
    My customer had done that herself. ugh!
    So, no OS as of now, and i'm dealing with the fan issue. the fan works fine, even the old one now that it is totally cleaned out. it was caked with dust and didn't work, but does now.
    Her pc is a compaq/hp with windows vista home. she bought the new fan herself, but don't think i'll need it, now that the other one works again, either way i have either to use, and both post fan error. hope this makes since.
    thanks so much for all of ur help so far!! ur awesome!!
  8. Have you had a chance to reset the bios as I described above?

    What model exectly is this HP/compaq?

    How is the fan power attached? With that system it should be attached to a motherboard fan header.

    Do the fan cable and the header have the same number of pins? I have heard of this error with a 2 pin fan in a 3 pin connector or 3 pin fan in a 4 pin connector.

    Also look for fan settings in the bios and see what it says.

    You can try unplugging the fans from the motherboard and starting it up to see if the error remains. Careful with this if this fan cools the cpu heatsink.
  9. No i haven't done any resetting yet.
    this pc is a compaq presario SR2173WM
    the fan i'm talking about is attached to the heatsink, and is a 3 pin connector
    i will look at the fan settings in the bios now. i already tried unplugging the fan from the motherboard and booted it up, and got an error, it said it will shut down in 3 secs b/c the cpu fan.
    i hope that is all the info you asked for....again thanks so much for all of ur help!!
  10. and i forgot but yes same amount of pins with the connector 3 and 3
  11. I think the bios is not seeing the fan RPM for some reason and thinks the fan is malfunctioning. Check the bios fan settings and try the CMOS reset.

    Here are the clear CMOS instructions.
  12. Looking at that picture, I see what looks like two fan headers. I see what looks like a red 3 pin header to the bottom left of the cpu socket and one just above the ram slots. If that is the correct motherboard, which one are you using?
  13. for the cpu fan i am using the one above the ram slots, for the case fan i am using the other bottom left header. both fans work just fine, and i am so baffled as to what is wrong!
    i cleared the cmos, but still get the fan error, and after the alert of the error system fan failed, then i get this error msg: err2err3
    ugh! thanks again sooooooooo much for all of ur help!!
  14. by the way, i have unplugged each fan on at a time and rebooted and still got the same error msgs. also, yes the motherboard is the same one u showed to me. thanks again!
  15. The 3rd of those three fan pins is to read the RPM of the fan. If the board is not receiving that input for some reason, that would explain the error while the fan is still functioning.

    Did you have any luck with any sort of fan settings in the bios or the CMOS reset?
  16. actually no i didn't have any luck and it seems as if things are getting worse for me. i took off work today so i could work on this for anyway, i was trying to repair windows for her, and it won't let me do that either. no system restore, nada here! ugh! i have fixed many pcs in my time over the last 14 years and this one has me stumped! boot errors, fan errors, restore errors, and i can't fix one of them! double ugh! LOL
    i reset the cmos like u said, and still the fan error. The surface scan test failed on the hdd, and now boot errors. it's gving me 0xc00000e9 error with this boot/bcd
    then when i try to restore windows it give me error 1002 and error 1005.
    i have a mess right?
    wishn u were here in the real!! LOL i don't know any other technicians in my area, just myself and i'm looking really bad right now!! LOL
  17. now it's not even reading the hdd....what the heck did i do? this is a first for me, and i haven't done anything that i know of to make it do this...i'm so sorry in advance for being such a pain in the butt! thanks for being patient with me Falcon!!
  18. no system fan errors now, but now it won't detect the harddrive anymore! i placed the harddrive in my desktop pc to test it and it detects it, but won't on hers. i ran the Western digital lifeguard diagnostic software on her harddrive in my pc and it found errors and fixed them, then i put her harddrive back into her pc and it won't detect/read hers now. ugh ugh ugh!! Do you have any suggestions? i'm so sorry to keep bugging u sweetie!! thanks again so much for all of ur help!! :D
  19. Its not seeing the drive at post or windows doesn't mount the drive?

    If you have a bootable cd, use it and see what happens. If you don't, try this:

    This is a version of linux which will boot off the cd and give you a GUI interface. Boot it and see if you can access the hard drive. It will help determine if software problems are playing a role in the drive problem. You do have the mount the drive manually. The option is in the menu once the GUI desktop starts.

    I suspect a Power supply and/or motherboard issue at this point. Bios update is the likely next step.
  20.'s not recognizing the harddrive anymore. i have everything plugged in right as well, and triple checked it. the power supply is fine. i do have bootable recovery cds for the harddrive/windows vista, but keep getting errors like this: recovery manager errors: 1002, 1005, and a new one 100a and i have looked up those errors and find directions on what to do with them, and they all say the same thing, use the recovery disc, and i am, but find myself going in circles, and have been all day!! ugh! LOL
    so i'm assuming now that it could be the motherboard going bad. if i change the motherboard, my recovery disk won't work will they? b/c i tried to recovery disk on her harddrive on my pc and it said it couldn't recover b/c it wasn't the same pc. i forget how it was worded exactly, but i knew what it meant. do u follow me?
  21. Try booting it with a bootable operating system. If not the linux disk, try BART:

    You have to build the install image yourself, but it isn't hard. You have to have Windows XP to build the disk. Don't try to build off the XP cd itself. Copy the fies to a hard disk first or it wont work.

    A bios problem is a very real possibility, but the bios update tool runs inside windows. You can give the bios flash a try from inside BART. Just load the bios udate utility on a Flash Drive. You don't want it to run off the Bart CD. Plug the flash drive in before booting the system. Bart will only detect it on boot.

    No, the recovery disk will not work unless you get the same board as a replacement from Hp/compaq or other. Here is a third party selling the board.

    I would try to get windows running and flash the bios. Problems are likely bigger than that but I would give it a try.

    Here is the bios tool.
  22. if i flash bios, will my recovery discs still work since the bios will have changed?
    this is a windows vista pc
    thanks again soooooooooo much!!
  23. Yes. You will be flashing with the HP/Compaq bios.

    Has the situation changed at all or have the symptoms remained the same?

    By the way, make sure that is the correct system/board.
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