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Just built a new computer and tried playing GTA 4 today but found it unplayable due to lag which was a bit of a surprise as my laptop plays it pretty well and I didn't think it was as powerful as my new PC.

Anyway I am now after a graphics card for my PC but am unsure as to which one to get that will play GTA 4 well. I am not wanting to overclock as I am not a serious gamer. I am not bothered about having all the settings on highest as I am perfectly fine with not having the best graphics, I wouldn't mind having nice smooth and good looking graphics but it is not that important.

I just want to be able to sit infront of my PC and play GTA 4 with 0 or hardly noticable lag. I have always been interested in ATI and all the computers I have have an ATI card, also my motherboard supports CrossfireX but I'm not sure I will use this.

Onto the next point, I have £100 to spend on a graphics card so if you could please recommend one that is less then £100 that would be great.
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  1. Forgot to add that my sys specs are:

    Asus M4A785TD-V EVO with onboard ATI 4200
    AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.8GHz
    4GB DDR3

    I would have editted my message but the forum wouldn't let me
  2. If you saved up a little bit more you could get a 5770. Since I cant remember what the Europe online stores are, I just went with
  3. 100 pounds = $160 rite ?? I'd suggest u go for the ATI Radeon HD 5770... nice card and good performance... alsocould u tell us the resolution of ur monitor...
  4. oh yeah sorry forgot about monitor, The one I am using right now is only 1024X768 but I am thinking of plugging my PC to my TV which supports upto 1920×1080. Is screen resolution important then?

    As for Amazon I find it pretty expensive for components and if they have that card for £133 I'm sure other places will have it for less :)

    I will have a look at the 5770, thanks :)
  5. Wow you were playing GTA4 with your onboard gpu? Amazing you computer didnt freeze up.

    A 4850, 4870, or a gts250 should be fine. Your budget will allow you to get a GTS250 easily and you can run most games at 1920×1080 on modest or medium settings, at you 100quid budget. If you added a little more money you could get a 5770 or a gtx260 or a 5770 which can run all games at that setting(Crysis and STALKER might be a bit slow, but on medium they will run great).
  6. Wow you were playing GTA4 with your onboard gpu? Amazing you computer didnt freeze up. quotemsg]

    Yep except it was lagging like mad, When I went to drive a car I would press forward and after 2 secs it would move, then 2 seconds after I press a button it would do the action, really annoying.

    So 5770 is the best option, I think I shall wait for a bit and save up abit more cash and buy that one then, thanks :)
  7. GTA 4 is one of my favorite games.
    With my GTS 250 I have graphic resources at 1000.
    Everything is turned on high/very high except draw distance which is 38 and
    The game runs incredibly smooth on just my Athlon II X2 235e.
    It doesn't hurt to have a fast HDD either,
    It was quite a jump to 1000 from
    the paltry 496 I got with the 8800GT.
    I'm sure even newer cards could rack up more resources.
    Maybe the 5770 would be a good option but the price of a GTS 250 is down to around $100 in some spots
    (paid $115 for mine 2 weeks ago)
  8. I am from england, and i have a solution

    Get either a Nvidia GTS250 sonic via novatech for £97.51
    ATI Radeon HD5670 IceQ 1gb GDDR5 £99.31 via novatech
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