First Water Cooled Build - Feedback Required

Long post, if you can make it to the end, I'll be very grateful.

I'm not new to building PCs, I have started from the days of 286s and the last build I have, a G0 stepping Q6600 has been running rock solid at vcore 1.55 3.6 Ghz for nearly 6 years. Anyways, wanted something new and better and decided to invest in water cooling. Long story short, I spent several weeks researching and thanks to the help of various people in various forums, I have managed to put together the computer about a week ago. At first there was a leak on the CPU block (scary stuff), but I quickly fixed it and after 18 hours of clean leak testing, I got her up and running and nock on wood, she has been running rock solid so far.


Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400 Mhz 4x4GB
Samsung 840 Pro 512 GB
GTX 680 4GB (I am planning on adding 2 more GTXs)


CaseLabs STH10
2 x 480 Blackice SR1
EK-D5 Dual Top
EK Supremacy ELITE
EK Mobo block for RIVA
Heatkiller GTX680
9x Noiseblocker 800-2000 rpm (1 fan is used on case, 8 of them on rads)
Distilled water

OC/Temps (Temps are average core temps, there is a delta of 5-6C between all 6 cores. Ambient is around 27-28C. If I open my window and keep it at 25C, the temps below drop by 2-3C):

All fans are at 1000 rpm

vcore 1.15
Idle 39C
Load 52C

CPU : 4.75Ghz
Bclk 125
Multi 38
vcore 1.456
LLC High
Idle 42C
Load 72C (Prime95) Load 68C (Games - BF3/FSX)

RAM: 2333 Mhz

29C Idle
40C Load

I think it is safe to say that my chip isn't the best overclocker. I am seeing much lower voltages for the same OC, but to me, the temperatures for that voltage (not the final clock speed necessarily) is not bad at all. Considering all of this is in the same loop and I run my fans quite slow (for burn tests they exceed 1000 rpm, but during gaming I undervolt them below 500-600 rpm), I do think these temps are good, but please feel free to correct me. One thing that bothers me is the idle temps. No matter what I did, I can never get them to about 30C. Even in stock at such low voltages (1.15), they hover around 39C.

That being said, I would like to ask how I can improve these temps. My questions are as follows:

* Add more rads (I can add another 480 and a 360 to the bottom of my case easily).
* Add more case fans (I can add 6 case fans inside the case (3 at the bottom, 3 at the top).
* Add more fans to the existing rads (I can add 8 more fans and have push/pull instead of push only).
* I can reseat my CPU. As I was using indigo extreme, I couldn't get it to reflow properly. The problem is when I had to do 18 hours of leak testing and installing OS. By the time I did reflow, it was already a few days. Add to that my water block was a bit tight, when I did do the reflow, I waited 30 minutes when CPU was 91C in all cores, but nothing happened. Granted, after that my temps did drop by 4-5C (significant), but it wasn't a textbook "reflow".
* Redo my loop. Because I used mobo block, it was extremely hard to manage tubing and in 1 spot, above CPU, I have a slight bend.

Thanks for reading this, I'm waiting for everyone's comments.


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  1. Whoa dude, you need to resize those pictures, my monitors only 36" :)
    Thats a nice loop on paper but I can't see the images very well due to the size,
    more water volume will help you get slightly lower temp so adding the rads will be a good idea if you can, your slight bend isn't anything to worry about btw, I have way worse on mine :)
    More fans will help obviously and because you have more it lets you keep the speeds/noise down,
    But thats a great loop man and I would be happy to have built that myself (despite the mobo block (I just can't justify the restriction to myself)
  2. Sorry, I did reduce the size of the pictures by half, and they display normal to me, I apologize:(
  3. What Pipe fittings did you use , cause they look awesome

    With your idle temp your not going to see much of a change, nothing i ever did on my custom loop would drop my idle temp down, but idle temp doesn't really matter only max temp

    damn sucks about your chip too, that kind of vcore lets me push my 3930k over 5+
  4. I have used the monsoon fittings:

    They are a bit pricey, but it is well worth the money. I'm not entirely too worried about my vcore. I have heard about the 1.5 vcore danger limit for years now. I kept my Q6600 (still do in fact) at 1.55 vcore 3.6 Ghz for nearly 6 years. It still runs solid, no such thing as degradation.
  5. Any more feedback?

    To improve the cooling performance, I can either add 8 more fans (4 to each 480 rad to have push/pull) or add another 480 rad with only 4 fans, which is better?
  6. Pushpull on the existing, it will also let you run the fans slower whilst still getting better performance
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