Quick. Case fans.

Ok, if the front fan is a intake fan, so it blows inside, and the same with side panels, and the Rear is an exhaust fan (it blows outside),

...then when I install more fans in my CM 690,

I assume the top fans are exhaust, correct?

I also have a spot for a fan inside the case, blowing up at the mobo (it lays next to the PSU), which way?

Thanks guys
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  1. I was not sure about this so I did a search and apparently to is shown on the box:

    "Just look at the pic on the retail box the case came in:



    Similar thread to yours. My google search was "cm 690 new fans" by the way.

    Hope that helped.
  2. thank you sir, you will receive the BEST ANSWER My friend!

    tahnks agian
  3. Very glad I could help. Good luck with your new fans.

  4. xxenergyxx said:

    I assume the top fans are exhaust, correct?

    the_punkinator is right. The basic rule is that front and side fans are intake, and back and top fans are exhaust.

    If you have a 690, the airflow is good enough that you do not need to mount a fan inside the case.
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