Should this fan be blowing in or out?

I noticed my case has a mount on the other side of the motherboard, to cover the back-side of the CPU. So i took an old fan off of a old CPU cooler, now, which way should it be blowing? Onto the backside of the motherboard, or drawing air away?

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  1. I believe you are referring to the back of the case... you would want the air blowing out of the case from there.
    Or are you talking about a push/pull configuration for an aftermarket heastsink/fan?
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    Nope, he is referring to the righthand side of the case, in effect the backside of the mobo, I have a fan there and its set to blow onto the chip, keeps the socket and board a touch cooler by 1-2'c on the core temp
    @Op, blow onto the chip and if your case allows, filter the fan
  3. Ah, i dont have a filter, ill make one out of something, and if not then ill make it blow onto it for now until i can filter it. Thanks!
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  5. No probs man, and thank you for B.a.
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