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I've just got a replacement of a new ram stick from Corsair for my Dell 4600c. When I insert the stick the computer beeps about 3times plus. The computer seems to boot fine when I pull out the power off the video card?. So I'm guessing it has to do with my power supply being low. I have a 230w power supply.

My specs:

Nvidia 7600GS
3 512mb Corsiar 3200 CPT Sticks
(Trying to add 1024mb 3200 CPT stick)
Pentiuem 4 D 2.8Ghz
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  1. I don't think its my PSU, then again what do I know lol. I've test ran it again. This time I took out all 3 512mb sticks, and inserted just the 1024mb stick alone. In all modules I'd hear the motherboard beep 1-3-2. Again, If i took the power cord from the video card, no beeps at all. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hmmm...What's the volts on the 1024 stick? Some MOBO's get finicky with more than 1.8v on RAM. If your comp runs fine with just the 512's + the gpu, then the problem is the 1024.
  3. The volts I believe is 3.1. I just got this sent as a replacement from corsair sent to me yesterday. It was a replacement for a paired 512mb (weirdly, the other stick works perfectly fine) I bought locally that had the same issue.
  4. Are the 512's also 3.1v? As I said if the 512's + gpu work and the 1024 + gpu does not then the 1024 is the problem, especially if you only had the 1024 installed when tested. If your BIOS allows, you might want to check to see how much voltage the sticks are pulling.
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