W-lan with an AMD-Notebook

I want to buy an AMD notebook but with this w-lan option for free internet access and so. there are just a few notebooks available,i found a cheap one, hp. but i'm still not sure, that if i can use this like a centrino. is this all equal? as specification, it has "communication: 56K Modem, 10/100 LAN, 802.11b/g".
is this what i'm looking for?

<b>Before getting angry to the (d)evil, just think about who CREATED it!</b> :mad:
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  1. Don't know, what are you looking for? Free internet? Do you mean hotspots? Starbucks etc...? Then yes, the .11b/g card in whatever laptop you are looking at will get you on to hotspots. Centrino is as more about processor efficiency and power consumption than anything else. Yeah, they tout the wireless integration part of the chipset however any integrated wireless card will perform the same on an AMD or non-centrino laptop. The Intel commecials about being in a roman stadium while browsing the internet is called......marketing. Forget about "is this equal?" If the laptop has what you want at the pricepoint you want, and your satisfied with their support record, then get it.
  2. yes, all i want is free wireless internet :-)
    this system looks cool for me: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?type=product&id=1083712923998&skuId=6699245

    this has that free internet stuffi right?
    if someone tell me yes, i would be very relaxed!

    <b>Before getting angry to the (d)evil, just think about who CREATED it!</b> :mad:
  3. No that laptop does not have "free internet stuff" It has an integrated wireless card that will enable you to connect to hotspots, where ever they might be. Coffee shops, airports, some colleges etc.. Perhaps you should define what you mean by "free internet"
  4. i guess it is that hotspots what i'm looking for. what is 'all free internet stuff' anyway, connect to internet even in a cage?
    i'm from turkey, and all of this wireless stuff is new here, i don't have deeply information. all i know is that in istanbul there are only in several sections this free internet, and yes, one section is in a college.
    all i want is to open my laptop at my college and connect to internet which centrino based notebooks can.

    <b>Before getting angry to the (d)evil, just think about who CREATED it!</b> :mad:
  5. If your college has an 802.11b or .11g infrastructure then yes, that laptop you linked to would work fine.
  6. thanks for your help, it really helped me.

    <b>Before getting angry to the (d)evil, just think about who CREATED it!</b> :mad:
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