Need help choosing a system

So, I have quite a few questions and have been very confused by my research. I figured it would be better to get some advice rather than trial/error.

I'm going to make this short and straight forward, as i'm quite confused.

My budget would be around $250

Looking for a loop just for a CPU, and later upgrade for GPU block on my 680. I have a 3570k.

Have a thermaltake Chaser Mk-1 Case (I know, but was the only case available at my local parts shop) So a dual radiator wouldn't be quite ideal. For the radiator I was looking into the EK Coolstream XTX 120mm "Extra Thick" and doing a push-pull on the exhaust of my case.

Would like to have a bay reservoir, and if possible a bay reservoir-pump combo. I was looking into the XSPC X20 750l Bayres. No specifics on the pump but: " latest version of our X2O 750 pump, the V4."

- Pump Performance: 750 lph
- Head Delivery: 1.8m
- Low Noise, Low Vibration (42dB Max)
- Voltage: 12V (4pin molex)

Now what I am afraid of is going too much on a budget, and not being able to properly upgrade to a GPU block in the loop. I'm not sure if I could skimp out a bit on the pump, as a cheaper bayres/pump could be bought. The radiator would be ideal for a single 120mm, so it can properly fit in my case. With the space in top grill of the case, I might be able to fit another single radiator if necessary for adding a GPU into the loop in a future upgrade.

My main questions are: Is the pump good enough for a loop with a CPU and a GPU, or would I be able to downgrade? Or, would it be better to get a less expensive/powerful pump and just buy a new one later when I add the GPU to the loop.

Is the radiator sufficient, and would I have to add another radiator/better one if I later added a GPU block. I know the general rule is to have one radiator per component, so a CPU and GPU would need a dual radiator. But would the thickness of the radiator compensate for this?

And the one thing that is REALLY restricting me is that I can only order it from Canada. So, only from dazmode and ncix or any other I am unaware of.

The XSPC rasa kit's are looking quite appealing but I can't find one in Canada.

I read most of the sticky, but just left me confused as i'm a newbie at a proper water cooling. An all in one is out of the quetion, no baby cooling. If my question(s) are confusing, it might be because I am confused myself.

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  1. Can you post some questions about what you are still unsure about? Let us know as we can help fill in the blanks and I can update the sticky if the info isn't easy to read and follow.
  2. It's more that the guide dosen't cover basic questions, and is more in depth and specifics.

    Would a 750lph pump be good enough to handle a loop of a Processor and A Graphics card, and what would be the minimum type of radiator to cool that. Would an EK XTX 120 Extra Thick 120mm Radiator with an TFC Triebwerk Performance Radiator Fan be good enough to cool a CPU and GPU? (3570k and GTX 680)
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