Cant diable geforce 6150 to use 9500 card


Here is my setup:

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 4MB 95w Socket AM2+ OEM CPU
MotherBoard: Biostar MCP6PB M2+ GeForce 6150 Socket AM2+ MB
Videocard: EVGA GeForce 9500 GT 1GB PCIe w/Dual Link DVI

Here is my problem: I built a new PC and cannot get the Geforce 9500 Gt to work. The 9500 has dual DVI, when it is installed in the computer and I boot up, I get a black screen. The computer will go into windows fine etc... when I take the card out and use the intergrated videocard, its works fine the VGA from the videocard.

Ive tried to disable the integrated videocard, but the two options are 'Auto' and 'Enable'. Thus I would assume that Auto would diable the intergrated board when a new one is plugged in.

Ive also tried to install the drivers for the 9500 from Nvidia and install the card after, no luck. Ive also read about it being a problem with the DVI cable, the one I have (according to samsung with the monitor i purchased: Syncmaster t220) is a DVI-D, Ive read that a DVI-D might be the problem and to get a DVI-I, which would allow both analog and digital feeds.

Thanks for any help of feedback

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  1. Is there an option in the BIOS to use a specific video slot first?

    I believe my old Biostar mobo which has integrated graphics had an option to select "First Detected VGA" with the option of AGP or PCI.
  2. I looked in the BIOS and was unable to find anything for what you talking about. I contacted support at Biostar and they replied the following:

    'Does your 9500GT require additional 6pin PCI-E power from power supply, if so make sure that is attached.

    Try a different VGA card or test VGA card in another computer to confirm the VGA card or the PCI-Ex 16 slot is working'

    The 9500 GT does not have an additional 6 pin PCI-E power adapter

    My friend tells me to try and get a new DVI cable, because maybe its that. Next guess would be that it is a problem with the MB or Video Card
  3. turns out the dvi port isnt work on my monitor...
  4. go to PnP/PCI Configurations

    then look for Init Display First

    descrpition :
    With systems that have multiple video cards, this item determines whether the primary display uses a PCI Slot or an AGP Slot.


    you're done
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