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I bought a new desktop computer new in 2005. The PC shop installed Windows XP Home Edition, with service pack 2 plus some other programs. I still have that original and genuine OEM Windows XP CD.
In 1909, the hard drive and Mother board of that original PC failed. As an easy replacement, I bought a used Dell Dimension 4500 desktop console and successfully installed my Windows XP using my existing and genuine CD and all the other programs. That Dell console has been working great ever since. Over the years, 1909 until now, all, and there have been many, of the XP software updates and service packs have been downloaded and installed with no problems.
Then 2 days ago, Oct. 7, 2012, a message appeared on my screen, powered through that same Dell, which stares: You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. "This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation." The shop where I bought the used Dell had me do one test to see if my Home Edition XP was properly validated. The results came back OK.
There is one problem that I can see that may be the key to my problem as follows: The original owner of the Dell apparently had windows XP Professional 1-2CPU installed as the Microsoft Validation sticker, with the Dell name too, is still on the Dell console. When in the warmup mode, "XP Professional" also displays on my screen for a moment. So, how can I get that Dell to recognize I have Home Edition installed instead of Professional. I still have the product key of my XP Home Edition as I have a photograph of the sticker that was on my older failed PC console. Thanks, Bob H.
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  1. You should give Microsoft's activation hotline a call, explain the situation, and then they should be able to rectify it.
  2. Also, since it's an OEM version, I'm not sure how you got away with installing it on a new motherboard and activating it. OEM versions are tied to the motherboard once installed.

    Call microsoft as stated above.
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