Appropriate voltage for cpu

i have a dual core processor and 1 gb ram processor
my pc shut down itself when i play games due to its overheating
i think it is voltage problem as everything else is perfect
i am uncertain about voltage ,so please could anyone help me by telling the appropriate voltage for my cpu
my system information is in the first line of the question......
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  1. Your processor is not in the first line...You just said a dual core....Is it AMD or Intel...Full system specs please....Talk about being vague...Also you said it is overheating??????? Ask the question properly and I can help you
  2. it is intel dual core processor
    and my cpu gets overheated when i play games
  3. If it is getting to hot then you will need to check your case in make sure they are blowing correctly...clean out all of the dust in the case....Check to see what temps you are experiencing with coretemp or speedfan...If it is a temp problem then you may need to change the TIM and reseat the HSF...let me know what temps you are getting at idle and load.
  4. whenever i play games the cpu usage goes to 100 % ,and tends to even cross that
    my idle cpu temperature is 50-55 c
    my cpu temperature at load is 105-110 c ,and whenever my cpu gets overheated it sirens like a mad machine
    as per your reccomendations i have cleaned all the fans properly nad even checked that they are working properly
    but the problem still resists
    beside this i am unable to understand these keywords "change the TIM and reseat the HSF" in your above statement.
  5. TIM= Thermal Interface Material i.e. Thermal Paste

    HSF = Heat Sink and Fan
  6. I had told you the temps
    now please tell me how to change or reset TIM and HSF
  7. According to your advice,I had changed the TIM and successfully reseated the HSF,but the problem still resists please help me out !!!!
  8. Are you fans running? You may have a dead fan or two causing overheating then. If you don't have a fan running on the heatsink; it will overheat.
  9. i had checked all fans many times
    all are properly working
    had cleaned them
    changed thermal paste
    visited even to 4-5 hardware engineer
    they are also unable to fix the probem
    now only you guyz are my last hope
    please help me out :pfff:
  10. Well something is causing the thing to heat up. If the voltage is too high in the BIOS, set it to automatic and it should be right. If the problem still persists there's something causing low airflow to the CPU or the like causing the excess heat.
  11. look up undervolting , it could drop temps by 10-12c if done right and you have a good chip
  12. tell me the full procedure please
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