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Every time i touch my computer it shocks me. I just got a 50' plasma tv and the problems started when i moved it into the living room with the tv yesterday to use it as a monitor. the computer is up on a wooden end table. The shocks have damaged 2 components already (it blew my speakers when i touched them and i guess fried my wireless keyboard/mouse usb adapter when i touced it). The last time i touched the outer pc case it restarted the pc. I have no idea what could be causing this, it is a homebuilt system less than 1 month old. Would moving it to the floor help? i am afraid to even turn it off now.
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  1. You have a "floating ground" problem. You said the problem started when you connected your PC to the TV.

    Unplug the TV from the wall. Turn on your computer. If it does not shock you, the problem is with your TV. If it's under warranty, return it.

    If it does shock you, your problem could be:
    Improperly grounded wall outlet. Unlikely - try another outlet. Kitchen would be a good place.

    Bad PSU line cord. Try another cord.

    Bad PSU. If you can get a DMM, make an ohm check from a shiny spot on the case to the center pin of the power connector on the back of the PSU. Then make the same check to the center pin of the power plug.

    PSU improperly installed. Check continuity from computer case to center pin of the power plug.
  2. jsc sed wat i had to say :P

    but u can narrow it down to ur power plug and wall outlet
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