Another 285 gtx, or a hd 5970

hi i wan to buy a new graphic card but i dont know which one will be better.
right now i have a XFX 285gtx, sus p6t deluxe 2, i7 920, and a thermaltake 700w power supply.

which one do you recommend another 285gtx or ATI hd 5970.


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  1. I'd definitely go the Ati route for DX11 support

    if your MB supports Xfire...

    I'd consider getting 2 5850's so saving some money on the 5970 and get about the same performace.

    and will possibly OC better too due to being easier to cool 2 seperate cards...??
  2. thanks for the reply.

    i heard that having crossfire intead of SLi will probably cause some heating problems is that right?

  3. Not heard of that before...

    You mean heating of some of your motherboards components?

    Else - I think the ATi 58XX series run rather cooler than current NVidia cards so should make your system run cooler I'd have thought :)
  4. so i won´t need any additional cooling sistem for my graphic cards in case i put 2 hd5970 in crossfire right?
  5. From a cost to performance standpoint. I'd say another 285 would save you money, and you'd get close to the performance of a 5970, although still a little slower. You maintain physX at the cost of DX11.

    Look at this for comparisons:,2474.html

    If you can sell that 285 for good cash, you could then feel a lot more comfortable with a 5970.
  6. mirio said:
    so i won´t need any additional cooling sistem for my graphic cards in case i put 2 hd5970 in crossfire right?

    I thought you were contemplating one 5970 vs a 2nd 285 in SLI.

    Look at the 285 (not in SLI) compared to the 5970 on the heat issue:,2474-15.html
  7. 2x5970 + 285 for PhysX!

    Mind you, 2x5970 will need a new PSU. As far as heat, you can gauruntee that running 2x300w cards will make more heat than what you currently experience. Is you case ventilated enough to deal with it? I don't know, but you may need to do some extra cooling to make it work should you invest in that route.

    Othewise, a single 5970 would probably be a true plug-n-play option.
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    link courtesy of jaydeejohn for games using GPU dependant PhysX:

    Not many...

    Go for DX11 support instead I reckon as will soon be a much bigger and better list than that.

    PS the 2 x 5850's will use about

    18watts less @ idle
    120watts less @ Peak gaming

    than the 2 x 285's
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  10. Why thank you Sir

    Have fun with your new setup ~_^
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