GTX 680: Aquacomputer vs Heatkiller

I am in the process of planing out a water cooling build. For a GPU I'm using a GTX 680. For the GPU block, I am debating between the Aquacomputer aquagraFX 680 and the HEATKILLER GPU-X³ GTX 680 "Hole Edition." They are both high end German made waterblocks. I find the aesthetics equally pleasing, however the heatkiller backplate may have a slight edge in terms of looks. Is there any data to indicate that one block performs better than the other? Does either brand have a better reputation than the other? Which one should I choose?




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  1. I feel like the aquagate covers more on the actual graphics card. As for performance, I have herd nothing but praise for the Aquagate, stating that it is one of the best blocks on the market, where as I have herd nothing about the heatkiller one. I am not that into watercooling, so it is saying something if I have herd alot about the aquagate and its performance.
  2. In other words get the aqua gate lol
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