Trouble with my new HD5850

Hello. I bought a new computer a week ago and i have a problem with my gfx card. Sometimes screen goes black and the fans on the graphics card make incredible noise eventually. Weird thing is, it never happens when i play a game, but it happens almost everytime i surf on internet or run any applications on windows. My specs are:

ASUS P7P55D Motherboard
Intel Core i5 750
Kingston HyperX 2x2GB DDR3 RAM
OCZ SthealtXStream 600W PSU
RAIDMAX Aztec case
Windows 7 32bit.

Hope it is only because of oldness of my motherboard's BIOS version. And I tried several driver versions, even the vertical stripe fix that was launched several days ago.
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  1. I would clone the hard drive and return the computer.
  2. first check all your drivers including your motherboard drivers. Your PC is still new so its easy to reimage or re-install everything one more time and update all your drivers, check bios and windows specs to make sure it reads your GPU. Then if all fails again, return your GPU first, and get a newer one. Then if the problem persists, get a new PC.
  3. Download AMD's 5800 hotfix.
  4. I have already tried that.
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