SSD 128G 6G/s scores 5.9 windows performance

SSD 128G 6G/s scores 5.9 windows performance which is the lowest score I have.


New comp, I just put it together 1month ago

I5 2500K OC
8G 1600mhz RAM
Gigabyte Z68 motherboard
128 SSD 300mb/s-READ -200mb/s-WRITE
2G Radeon 6950 OC at 930-core. 1330-shaders
some weaksauce 500W powersupply
Windows 7 Home - All updates.

- All drivers seem to be functioning perfectly. Everything is double checked. My friend suggested to try another port from my Mobo with the SSD (there are 3 at 6G/s avail) I haven't tried that yet. Though even the 3G/s should score higher than 5.9 no?
It is currently plugged into a 6G/s port in the Mobo.
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    Double-check that your SSD is connected to one of the Intel (not Marvell) 6Gb/s ports in AHCI mode.

    If it is then reset your Windows Experience Index:
    a.) Go to folder C:\Windows\Performance\WinSat\DataStore
    b.) In the DataStore folder delete all .xml files.
    c.) Reboot pc
    d.) Re-run WEI
  2. Which brand of SSD did you get? 300-read and 200-write seem kind of low for a sata3 SSD. Of the sata3 ports on your motherboard you may have two that are Marvell controlled and two that are Intel controlled , you can try the Intel controlled ports to see if that makes a difference. It does seem odd that you would have 3 sata3 ports since they are usually in even numbers , so you would either have two or four. If you could give brands and model numbers it would help.
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  4. thank you for your help!
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