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Hey guys on my dads computer he is running windows xp and something got severely screwed up in the system and my uncle tried to fix it but messed it up even more. Soooo my dads original profile got erased. we made a new one and transferred his excel and word documents over to his new profile (these excel files and word documents are encrypted) when he tries to open them they wont open due to some admin rights I am assuming. Please help these documents are valuable and help him with his job. Thanks guys.
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    The answer is available free of any charges within Windows and you can easily take ownership of those files. Navigate to the folder where they are and right click on it then go to Properties. Clicck the Security tab and then on th eAdvanced button and the Owner tab. Change the Owner to yourself from the list, tick the "Replace owner etc." box, click Apply and Ok. Wait while the change is applied to all the files in the folder then you have access to them and can move them where you wish.

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