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Hey, just wondering if you guys have any recommendations about this system build from umart?
I'm looking at staying under the 2300 mark, but flexible a little bit if its really worth it. I'm a uni student studying software eng 4th year (so need it for software development), and movies, gaming, as well as leaving it open for upgrading in the future. Any ideas are welcome.

Intel Core i7 860 (LGA1156 2.8GHz 8MB Cache)
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3P Intel P55, DDR3
G Skill 4G(2*2GB) DDR3 1600MHz PC12800 (CL9D-4GBNQ) X 2
(Total 8GB Ram)
Western Digital 1TB SATAII 32M 3GB/S(WD1001FALS)
Sapphire HD5870 !G GDDR5 PCIE 2D HDMI DP
Acer X243HQ 23.6" Full HD Widescreen LCD 5ms Black
Antec Nine Hundred Two Tower Gaming Case
Antec ATX TruePower 650W
Total System Price (in customer configure): $2222

I have an optical drive from my old machine which will suite me for the while (probably until blueray drives get a bit cheaper and i can upgrade to one of them). Things I'm wondering about are the choice of the LGA1156 socket over the LGA1366, and what affect the higher quality mobo's will actually have on the system.
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  1. Here's an easy way to find out: try to go to a site like and see if you can get the same items. I'm betting the total will be lower. What support does Umart offers? Customer service? Warranty plans?
  2. I'm from Australia. newegg isn't over here. Umart does offer support and customer service as well as a short warranty with the parts and refund in the circumstance of faulty parts. Since this in an American site and both currency value and prices of computer parts differ in Australia I was essentially just seeking advice on the ability of these parts to work together, and whether there were any incompatiblities with them that I have not discovered.
  3. system should work fine those are some good pieces of hardware and a most impressive case i might add! definatly overpriced but not sure how that would be seeing as you are in austrailia
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    That's a very nice build. I wouldn't worry about the LGA 1156 vs. LGA 1366 issue. The i7 860 is a very strong CPU that will work great for a long time. If you need to lower the price a little, you could just go with 4GB of RAM for now. Very few applications can take advantage of 8GB of RAM. If you're OK with the price then I would just leave it as-is.

    Nice job! You've obviously done your homework.
  5. well said shortstuff
  6. Thanks for the input guys
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