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Hi i have a 80gb ssd and a 700gb 7200rpm hdd and i was wondering if i install my pc games on my hdd will it be slower when my ssd tries to read them or do i have a better chance just installing them on my ssd. thanks in advance
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    The only difference that you will see with a SSD when gaming is that the maps will load faster , the actual gameplay is not affected. Your internet connection will have the most affect on gameplay.
    What you could do is load the current game on to the SSD and not all of your games because it will use up too much space and your maps will load faster.
    A video card will also make a difference and you could overclock the video card some along with the cpu. Make sure that you have the most current drivers for your video card and if you are running a single card then you could think about running a second card for higher fps.
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