Will gtx 460 work on asus m4a785td-v evo

Am buying a new system and i was wondering will the asus gtx 460 work on asus m4a785td-v evo?
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  1. yes, it will. what you have to look at is that the GFX card uses a PCI-Express interface, and the Motherboard in your case does.
  2. thanks dur_trix for the answer. Hope it works without any issues.
  3. I'm sure it will, i checked out the board and card and they should work just fine.

    One word of advice, when building a new system just make sure you get a competent PSU, ill recommend a Corsair 700watt or Coolermaster 700watt to power the GFX card (assuming your getting a 140watt CPU like a 965). Coz i know the GTX4xx series cards are quite power hungry :-)
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