New Tom's Hardware Forum Platform Open Beta

Hey there friends!

I'd like to invite you to participate in the Tom's Hardware new forum platform Open Beta test now underway. The forum category itself was previously restricted, but we're steadily opening it to a wider audience to get more feedback from our very attentive users. We'd love to get your thoughts on what can be fixed/upgraded/improved with the current forum software.

That said, we'd like to get your first impressions and feedback from the beta so we know how to move forward. I encourage you to jump in and give it a run-through to see what all has changed, and to help us in making the best transition possible once we're able to polish a bit more per your suggestions.

Here's the forum category itself:

And the intro thread for how to gain access to the beta test:

Please bear in mind that the achievements/badges portion is undergoing data migration at the moment, so your stuff might not show up for a bit there or things might be clunkier than usual when it comes to achievements/badges for a day or so.

Thanks so much! And I hope I can count on your help!
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