Is it worth upgrading to 1080p monitor with an ati 4890?

I'm playing on a 1024x768 screen for years now. my rig handles it no problem on max setting with all the eye candy on every game. It looks nice.

however, if i were to get a 1080p screen will my 4890 handle games on high settings? maybe if i turn off the eye candy a bit? You see i don't want to upgrade my card, right now.

Playing non native defeats the purpose a bit because i hear playing no native makes it look a bit worse due to stretching and jaggies.
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  1. Depends on which games your playing, if you value maxing out your setting and don't dislike your screen keep doing what your doing. If you want a higher resolution get a new monitor just know that you probably won't be maxing out everything but your card should be more than capable of running anything that is out right now, in fact i can't think of anything that card can't handle (though it may not be max settings at 1080p).
  2. if you have got a good cpu, you should be alright to be honest, it isnt too far off even though it is indeed old. youll have to turn down AA definately though!
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