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What graphics card should i get? i am on a budget and i have been looking at the hd5750 but i am not sure about which one is best etc.

specs so far -
ASRock M3A770DE
AMD Phenom II X2 545 or AMD Athlon II X4 620
G-Skill 4GB 1600MHz PC12800 DDR3
Aero Cool AeroEngine II and Colors-IT 650w or Ezcool H-620+500w

please help :) ps. the specs are not definate :)
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  1. Budget?
    Monitor Resolution?
    Intended use? (gaming I assume)
  2. around £400 if possible but flexible
    1900 - 1080 (i think)
    cod5 and other fps (not crysis ;) )
  3. Is that the budget for the system or just the card? If you are still trying to decide on what to use in your build, you can get total build advice in the HomeBuilt systems forum.
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