Need help!


Ive been looking to upgrade my system, and i was looking at the core i5's and core i3's.
I really use my pc for a decent amount of gaming, music, videos, word processing, so
what i really need is a pc which will do good in all areas.ill still be running xp for a while,
and i want to save as much money as possible!!!!

system 1:

*Core i3-530
*500 GB hard drive
*2GB DDR3 kingston ram
*DVD writer
*ATI HD 5750 1GB (HIS or Powercolor)
*Gigabtye H55M -S2H mainboard
*Coolermaster case

Total: AUD$650


System 2:

*Core i5-750
*500 GB hard drive
*4GB DDR3 kingston ram
*DVD writer
*ATI HD 5770 1GB (HIS or Powercolor)
*Asus P7P55-LX mainboard
*Coolermaster case

Total: AUD$840

am i really gonna see a huge difference in preformance? i do play a decent amount of
modern games...Aim is to build a good pc which will last a while, and not cost heaps.

also, would a 450 watt power supply be enough for all of this?

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  1. If you are really going to be running XP for another year, get the cheaper system, and put that $210 to your Next system. XP can only see 3.2GB RAM, anyway.

    I'm just guessing you don't lose sleep over frame-rates, in hungry games.

    "'at'll do, pig ... 'at'll do"
    = quote from "Babe"(The Pig) =
  2. does xp to windows 7 make that much of a difference with using all that new hardware?

    is the cheaper system still gonna do a decent job with games?
  3. ciand06 said:
    does xp to windows 7 make that much of a difference with using all that new hardware?

    is the cheaper system still gonna do a decent job with games?

    Depends on the games resorce requirements ... I am guessing that the i5 is needed to even dabble with serious action and shooter games. Most big-time (extreme) gamers go with i7/1366 and SLI/Xfire.
    ... even then, they O.C. too so ... yeah ... I hear the i3 is pretty lame. I was hoping you could limp on that short crutch 'till you come to your senses and save-up/wait for an i7/1366. I am a snob and an ass, tho, and I knnow of one (very knowledgable) "head banger", around here, who clearly touts the i5 as wholly adequate, for games and it is "no slouch".

    My sick logic is that i5 procs are lobotomized i7s, so why settle for a choked socket and de-activated feature when you can have a "whole brain" for only a 12% increase in system costs (less maybe) ??

    I would rather wait and save ... that's just me, tho.

    = Al =
  4. ahhh k....well ive had a change of thought now.

    i think ill go for this:

    *Core i5 750
    *500 GB Hard Drive
    *DVD Burner
    *2GB DDR3 Kingston ram
    *Thermaltake V3 Case with 450 watt PSU
    *Asus P7P55-LX or Gigabyte P55-UD3 main board
    *Old PCIe graphics card...real cheap one to fill the gap.

    Total: AUD$600

    buy all this, use a really old pcie graphics card for starting off, then saving up for
    somthing better like a HD5770 down the track. this looks to be the best solution!

    only question is do i go for the Asus P7P55-LX or Gigabyte P55-UD3 mainboard?
    p55 chipset is better than the h55 chipset yeah?

  5. Best answer
    I just learned (quite painfully) that there are more flavors of i5 than I was aware of and, the 570 is just dandy, for real games. My bad (really bad!) ... The upper end of the i5 line is better than I had surmised (thru some recent press releases, on parts of the line, that I assumed were endemic to the entire line. OOOps!

    I just do not have a personality that could stop just short of a 1366/920. Just doesn't seem "whole", but if it'll will let you play your favorite games, transparently, for way le$$ ... Why not say "no" to power you may never see or need..

    Spend more on the graphics card, then ... I'tll get you the best experience for the mooh-lah.

    My new book ... "How to learn by shooting your mouth off, and then your foot ! ".

    = Al =
  6. Hi again,

    i ended up going for the following:

    *Core i5 750
    *500GB hard drive
    *2GB DDR3 Ram
    *DVD writer
    *Nvidia GTS 250 512mb
    *Asus P7P55 LX mainboard
    *Thermaltake V3 case with 450watt PSU

    ive been very pleased with it all so far! gave crysis warhead a run on this rig
    and was pulling down around 40+ FPS on gamer settings (1280x720), or when
    maxed out to enthusiast settings on 1920x1080, i was still surprised i could get
    20 FPS with this set up! i know its not that playable, but for the amount this cost,
    i think it did a decent effort!

    really happy so far, and thanks for the help! :)
  7. congrats !

    PS .. drop another 2gb ram in it ... worth it.

    = Al =
  8. really? big difference? i was gonna make the jump to windows 7, and put another 4GB's or 6GB's in... :sol:
  9. I think win7 and most demanding apps will make very good use of 4GB, even in a general computing environment ... Beyond that (6GB+) it would behoove you to find out what your power apps are really doing with memory.

    I'll certainly bet that going from 2GB to 4GB would be "noticable", especially when encoding/transcoding .mp3s amd H.264/.wmf video files, which can take a long time, at higher quality settings.

    = Al =
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