Monitor Resolution Problem!!

Hey all.

I just installed windows 7 and I cant set the screen resolution to 1680x1050.

My monitor is a HANNS HG216D (I think its discontinued as it doesnt appear to be anymore on their website)

Ive got the latest nvidia drivers for my Geforce 8600 GT. In the Nvidia control panel I can select the resolution but it doesnt apply.

In windows options that screen resolution doesnt appear.

Ive looked for a driver specific for the monitor but I can only find one for vista and not for windows 7......

is there anything I can do? or am i gonna have to buy a new monitor??

This is stressing me out.......

Ive spent hours and hours on the net looking for solutions....hopefully Ill find some here.

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  1. I really cant figure it doesnt let me select any resolution higher than monitor is supposed to be at 16080x1050
    Please Help!
  2. Have you tried the display driver for your monitor? I know your monitor says its plug and play but in the user manual it says use the display driver if you cant get it to work correctly.
  3. I've never had to use a display driver before. My first guess would be to verify that you have installed the graphic card drivers appropriately, and then try to find the nvidia control panel itself to verify it. I plugged a Sharp Aquos 1080p 52" TV to my computer and windows 7 automatically detected its resolution.
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