Need help deciding parts for Core i7-860 build

Hey guys, im new here but have lurked these forums for ages. I finally made an account and am posting because I really need help deciding on parts for my new i7-860 build!. BTW im from Canada and 920s arnt cheap here T_T

First of all I cant upgrade to the 920 :(. I got the 860 from my brother for cheap and can't afford to get a 920.

Parts I wont need are monitor, keyboard/mouse, case, powersupply. CPU

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Sooner the better but willing to wait for couple weeks if needed.

BUDGET = 700 but Im flexible

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Homework, Gaming, Browsing, Movies, Burning bluerays (if i get a burner)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Parts I wont need are monitor, keyboard/mouse, case, powersupply. CPU ( Powersupply is 650 watt corsair)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: From Canada and I would like to use new egg or buy locally.


OVERCLOCKING: Only if i am using a very easy "click this button to overclock" on the stock cooler.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: , 1680x1050 right now but WILL be upgrading to better later.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Quieter the better and would like it to be very stable. Also I would like it to be future proof for atleast 2

Ok so here is what I have in mind right now

Cpu: Core i7 860 = $250

Motherboard: I AM really torn on this one! I really dont know what to get. Some say the gigabyte p55 ones are annoying because if I get the usb3.0 ones they throttle my vid card speeds. I heard Asus is really good here and I can use usb 3.0 and my vid card properly? is this true?

I dont really need usb 3.0 and the new sata I just like the future proofing option. But I most probably will run crossfire right now or near future.

I will NOT be overclocking unless I use the asus built in software to click and overclock or the 860s turbo mode.

My budget for a motherboard is $200 although ideally it will be around 140.

Right now my top choice is the Asus p7p55d pro?

Is this good or can I get cheaper for better? or similar for cheaper. I dont mind a small reduction in performance for a decent price reduction

Hard drive: After much reading on these forums I have decided to get the Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm 1 tb drive over the samsung spin point because I can't find the samsung locally.

Ram: Going with this just because I dont know better so please feel free to post a better recommendation

Video card: I am currently using a radeon hd 4830 and was thinking of buying another 4830 or 4850 and crossfiring.

I am doing this because I cannot afford the 5850 which I would like right now and will wait till Fermi comes out and the 5850 to drop in price (maybe :P)

Can I crossfire two 4830s on a 600 or 650 watt powersupply?

Although I prefer to buy things locally PLEASE feel free to link me newegg pages for your recommendations.

Thanks again guys for any help!! its really appreciated!
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  1. The motherboard is fine, stick with it.

    The Power Supply you have should handle Crossfire no problem at all, so no need to worry about that. For now, i would wait until Fermi comes out, especially since you are playing games @ 1680 x 1050, That will give you time to get a better monitor, and hopefully the prices of the 5850 have dropped by then.

    As for the hard drive, see if you can fina a WD Caviar Black 1TB model for cheaper than the Seagate, you'll thank me.

    G-Skill Ripjaws would have been my suggestion, so stick with it.
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