Any new AM2+ Motherboards?

Hello, just wondering if there are any new AM2+ motherboards which are due to release quite soon.

AM3 is pretty cool to get DDR3 ram, but common, i would have to fork out another £250 on a new motherboard a new processor and new ram.
there only a year old anyway, so i feel ashamed to just chuck my AM2+ , along with my pricey XMS2's(Yes the ones with the LED's!!).

the only motherboards i can find are cheap (£30) and nasty.

can someone give me a good place where they have a selection of AM2+'s? (4 to choose from don't really cut it.)


(Where did all the AM"+'s go?)
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  1. Here is a good AM2+ board
    There are boards out that support AM3/AM2+/AM2 here is one as an example just do not find it with the retailers I use in the UK.
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