SATA 6gb / USB3...Do you really need this?

I just wanted to know how big of a role the new SATA/USB is going to play in the years to come.

Is it going to be the standard by 2011? Should I be investing in it now?

A lot of folks here on the forums say that it is more of a personal option at this time.

I just wanted to get a general consensus on what others are doing...are you preparing yourself now or are you going to wait a little bit longer?
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  1. I personally reckon that usb3 will be good being 10x faster than usb2 but SATA 6gb is unneeded unless you're using ssd's so if you have enough money go for it, but it also depends on what you'll be using it for
  2. Is there anyone that thinks that both USB3/SATA6 are totaly pointless at this time and even 2 years from now?

    It seems that people are pretty stoked on the USB3, but the SATA, as you said ComputerNewb said, that unless going for SSD or money to spend, maybe one should wait.

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    Well unless you're going for a budget pc By next year i reckon most computer companies will release usb 3 and sata 6gbs with their newer line of computers. I personally will get one early next year when i upgrade i also think other computer enthusiasts will get it and by at least 2012 it will be standard maybe even late 2011. But that's just my second and last opinion on this subject.
  4. Thank you ComputerNewbie, that is what I wanted to hear from people.

    I can see that this tread is not going to really go anywhere...
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  6. Well, Intel's LightPeek is also coming out 2011/2012 ish and personally, I think that's a lot more promising than USB 3 / SATA 3
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