i have 2 pc i moved pentium 4 to 945gzm-s2 this motherboard supports pentium 4 650 monitor wont turn on whats the problem please help me
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  1. Well if it won't turn on check the connection and everything, it may be faulty. How long have you had it for?
  2. problem isnt with monitor
  3. Does the LED light turn on and you don't get a picture?
  4. no nothing
  5. If the problem isn't the monitor it could be the pc or just the cables you're using to connect it. Because if no light comes on with the screen there would have to be something wrong with the power.
  6. the led light turns on and then off
  7. srry
  8. Disconnect all the cords and then only connect the power for the screen and turn the screen on. It should come up with the brand name and then just disappear and say ' no signal ' or something and then if it says that we'll know it's not the monitor.
  9. isnt monitor it could be processor
  10. OK. When you replaced the processor did you apply thermal paste?
  11. i put another processor still this problem
  12. If you have a spare monitor try it with that and see if it works. If it still doesn't work you'll have to poke around inside the case. I had the same sort of problem when i started up my computer a few days ago. I got a yellow-ish orange-ish light on my tower and it wouldn't start up. All i had to do was take out the ram put the same ram back in and it worked. But this just may be something a lot more complicated or not complicated at all. It may be the processor or something else that is vital.
  13. And you may want to apply some thermal paste if it still doesn't work. You always should. That may be the problem. Look at this thread
  14. wires in socket are little curved could it be
  15. well wires being curved wouldn't stop the computer from performing only if they were cut
  16. just give everything a good clean and apply some thermal paste. While you're getting rid of the dust and stuff make sure nothing is burnt out. If something is you'll have to replace it. But i'll give you a reply sometime tomorrow if you haven't fixed everything.
  17. thanks
  18. Nothing happend still this problem i need to buy new pc
  19. well if you're sure but ask someone a little bit more experienced around here just to make sure you're making the right choice and buying a new pc.

    I'm sorry i couldn't help.
  20. No Problem !
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