Psu help!

im going to upgrade my pc and use some component from my old pc.
this is my built.

new CPU - i5 750

new MOBO - P7H55-M

new RAM - Kingston 2GB DDR3 (1333 MHz)

new HD - 500GB Western Digital 32M

new Optical Drive - SAMSUNG 22X DVD WRITER SATA

old gpu - N9500 GT 1GB DDR2

old psu - CM 460watts

so, can my old psu give enough power for my build?
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  1. yeah ofcourse! you can even get rid of your 9500 and get an ati 5770 and yet be able to run it with the OLD psu :)
  2. you can run your setup plenty fine with that psu. however, i suggest you upgrade to a higher quality unit. most cm power supplies arent very good.
    this is better quality, modular, and at a good price. it has 3 22amp 12volt rails while yout older power supply only has 2 18amp 12volt rails.
  3. aite..thanks for the info :)
  4. You can always let this "do the math" for you
  5. yes but seems to me that psu calculator under calculates. thats just my opinion.
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