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I did something interesting. I've got this old crappy 500GB external HDD from like 2009. It's a WD My Book. I'll store my junk on it as a complete last resort. It's always plugged up, but just about every time I click on it I hear "RANNT" then have to wait 5-10 seconds before I can get to the files. It's also slow as balls to transfer files.

Anyway, about an hour ago, out of curiosity I took it apart. Pretty simple. Just snapped it apart..... This is where the story gets awesome to some, but painfully obvious for others. Needless to say it was awesome for me, hence the thread. There was this big USB & power adapter screwed into a good old fashioned, regular SATA hard drive. ***'s so cash. MmmMmmMmm. Feels great. Took the side off the case, plugged it in, and I've got 500 more gigs of internal storage now.

So moral of the story is, if you've got an old trashy WD My Book or any other external HDD around, it's worth taking it apart and to see if you've got a normal HDD in there.
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    Yep, normal drive in them some 3.5" desktop and some 2.5" laptop no surprise!
  2. Dude, Every External Drive Ive Ever Taken Apart Had A Normal IDE Or SATA Drive In It, Its Nothing New There Is Nothing Special About Extrenal HDDs Except For The Fact That They Are External Ive Even Taken Apart Older MP3 Players And Have Found Small (2GB-4GB) Laptop-Type 44-Pin IDE 1.8" SSDs In Them. You Can Buy 44-Pin IDE To Standard 36-Pin IDE Adapters All Day, Everyday, Everywhere On-Line.
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