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So i got myself 2 asus GTX 670's (non top) and im looking to squeeze some more power out of theese guys, can you recomend a good piece of software for overcloking? i hear that asus's gpu tweak really isnt as good as the rest, lice precision-X, or afterburner. Also keep in mind i have 2 cards i have to clock them both, at the same time if possible

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  1. Try this tutorial, it goes over EVERYTHING needed for GTX 670 overclocking, and takes into account that each chip is different. I use MSI Afterburner.
  2. I'm curious to know what u expect to achieve by overclock these cards in SLI? Are you running more than 1 monitor or using higher resolution than 1920x1080 ?
  3. im using a benq XL2420t
  4. any1 use the asus GPU tweak lately? im curious if it still causes red screens and low Overclocks.
  5. I have use it never had a issue.FYI it has been two months since i last used it though.
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