Cpu heating up!

my computer is core2quad,4gb ram,and geforce 9500 GT
yesterday the computer has shut down when i opend it i found the cpu fan wire has stuck in the fan and it looks like it has stopped and the cpu has heated up and my computer makes a strange sound then it shut down and the screen dont shows any thing how can i fix it?
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    Have you fixed / replaces the defective CPU fan wire?

    My recommendation would be... remove the CPU cooler, fix or replace the fan/wire, clean off and reapply new thermal compound than reinstall the CPU cooler. After doing that, I would reset the CMOS by removing the little battery for 10 minutes then put it back in (refer to your motherboard manual for specifics on resetting the CMOS). Try booting the PC back up and hopefully all is well.
  2. thanks Dude! you saved me cuz i thought that the cpu has burnt up and i wanted to buy another one!! your the best man ever!!!!!
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