Radeon hd 4700 temperature

my radeon 4700 shows an unbeliveable temperature of 73c what should i do ???
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  1. If you were running a game at the time then 73C is totally fine. However if on idle then I would check the fans. If those are working then the heatsink probably isn't hooked up right.
  2. It's not that unbelievable. Its the normal temps of that card under full load. If its on idle then you're in trouble.

    You could improve that temps by arranging the innards of your case so that you would have a clear passageway for air. Try to accomplish a good airflow inside the case. You could also dust the card, put some AS5 in it, and reseat the cooler. It would give you quite a drop in temps.
  3. Agree, 73'C on load is normal temp... :)
    But if that temp on idle then u are in trouble.
    Clean the card, reseat the card maybe can help u.
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