Just finished my setup. (almost)

I'm still waiting to purchase a 7970 and add that and I'm waiting for a front 200mm radiator to come in the mail. What do you think for my first build?

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  1. Looks good. You are going to WC the 7970 right? You might want to cut the 5.25" covers to somehow fit the reservoir. It would really finish the case.
  2. That my friend, was a great idea. Thank you!

  3. There you go. That looks great. Want to list your build? I can see an intel sticker and asus sticker.
  4. Sure, not sure why it's not coming up in my signature.

    Corsiar 600T
    ASUS Rampage III Gene
    Intel i7 960 OC@4.1GHz
    Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD
    Gigabyte ATI 6870HD
    Corsair Dominator GT 12GB 1700MHz
  5. Looks nice. I built my first computer a few months ago and would like to watercool my next build. How much extra work was that for you?
  6. It was actually pretty easy if you have basic automotive knowledge. It's like a mini car cooling system. The one thing that was hard to discover was jumping the power supply to test the system without turning to comp on. Take a paper clip and plug it into the green and any black wire on the 20pin connector.
  7. Well I am a mechanical engineer so I'm pretty sure I could figure it out :)
  8. So why the RAM block and red coolant vs. GPU block and plain distilled?
  9. The RAM cooler was part aesthetic and par functional. The ram would get warm and the pump is much quieter then those cheap fans corsair gives with the Dominator GT's. I wanted to keep everything as cool as possible as the x58 NB (especially the Gene) gets pretty hot. The Ekoolant wast used because I think it looks cool and Ekoolant already contains an anti-algae additives. I've read multiple posts about how its garbage and you should only use distilled water with a kill coil but, I like it and all my blocks are clear so I can see any build up.
  10. You are planning to WC the 7970 right?
  11. Yea I still have to get a 7970 and a block. I ordered a 200mm rad for the front of the case right from antec's website about 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt come yet. Why do you ask?
  12. rubix made it sound like you weren't going to. What's your monitor situation like? I really hope it's more than a single 1920x1080.
  13. I did have two but then I swapped them out for a single 27" 2560x1400. I have a 6870 right now and I've been having a really strange problem with it ever since i got my new display.

  14. Is that a catleap? I have a feeling it is and if so would you recommend it? I've been looking at getting one.
  15. Similar. I have a Shimian and I would absolutely buy another one. I was really worried at first reading all the horror stories. I am happier than ever though and very glad I bought it.

  16. Good to hear. I was looking at a $300 one though. I'd rather buy 2 more 1920 monitors for that price.
  17. I would turn the cpu block 90* to the right for better aesthetics btw looks amazing. Btw thank you you have given me an idea to hide my bay rez.
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