OCZ 2GB PC2 8500 not being recognised

I have bought two 1GB memory modules from OCZ they came as a pair so they are identical but when I boot my PC up they for some reason are displayed as PC2 5300. The motherboard I have does support PC2 8500 1066mhz RAM and in the bios it says the speed of the RAM can go to 1066 but when I boot it, its not having it, I have windows 7 professional 64bit too. Not sure what else to do, can someone try to help please!

Motherboard: Asus M3N-HD/HDMI
Memory: OCZ PC2 8500 1066mhz
OS: Windows 7 professional 64bit
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  1. Welcome Newcomer. The 1066 is an overclock setting. If you haven't configured your RAM to run at 1066, then chances are that your mobo is still set to [Auto], in which case the default speed is automatically selected.

    Check your motherboard manual for the BIOS configurations.
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