Power Supply problems

Hi guys

I recently upgraded components in my computer and got a GIGABYTE ODIN GT 800 Watt power supply

after installing it then booting then installing the program it comes with, when i load the program it comes up with HARDWARE CONNECT FAILURE

I took it into a computer shop because i couldn't be bothered fixing it but they said it was OK and that it runs fine
they said that it could be a OS problem but i ran the program on a XP and Vista(both 32 bit) computer and that's not it.

I was told that it could be Norton 360 software conflict

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. What type of system is it in ?
    I couldn't get my GT550 to work with a P55, got the same error.
  2. Its a X48
  3. bigred92 said:
    Its a X48

    I had no problems with it on an X48 , but it ran XP Pro and Norton Corporate Edition. Put 7 on the sytem , but had moved the power supply so have no idea if it would have worked or not.
    My P55 used 7 Ult. 64b and no AV.
    Currently have it hooked to an X58 with 7 Ult., again no AV , no problems.
  4. I will try without Norton and see what that does
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