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Hi all,

I just ordered an antec 302 and a 4 pack of coolermaster 120mm fans. I'll also be using a Hyper 212+ on my i5-3570k. The two fans on the back and top of the 302 are exhaust. I will be putting two of the cooler master fans in front of the hard drives for intake.

My question(s) is, do I want the 120mm fan pointing at the back of the cpu(the mobo) and the 120mm fan pointing at the graphics card to be intake or exhaust, or what combination of the two?

Would it be wise to have the hyper 212+ facing the rear exhaust or the top exhaust(if there is enough room)? Would it be wise to use one of the cooler master fans as an additional fan on the hyper 212+ instead of pointing it at the cpu or graphics card?

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  1. you want all rear fans as exhaust, and all front fans as intake, and always have more exhaust than intake. you wwant to blow the air from under the gfx card, and out the back of the case, , or it will rise and heat up the cpu. also, consider putting a fan over your ram, if you are to be overclocking, as you will prolly have to raise the ram voltage slightly.
  2. I think a lot of people are using a push pull configuration for their 212's (can't speak from personal experience, don't have one). One pushing air through the fins and one on the other side pulling air through the fins. If you do this, whatever exhaust fan it's aimed at should be removed as to not "chop" the air and provide maximum exhaust.

    I'll see if I can the find the article.

    Edit: OK, I found it over at The best configuration (results vary by case) was with the 212 set horizontally in a push / pull configuration exhausting out the back of the case without an exhaust fan.

  3. I don't plan on overclocking the memory at all. I am just wondering if the fan pointing at the graphics card should be exhaust or intake, same with the fan pointing at the back of the motherboard, where the cpu is.

    Also, I'm looking at an image of the extreme4 motherboard, and am wondering where, exactly i'm going to plug these fans in. I believe they are the little plastic adapters with 3 holes.

    Can I use CHA FAN for the CPU FAN, so that the Motherboard fan cable might reach the CPU_FAN on the far right of the image?
  4. Another question, do I want the 212 blowing air out the rear exhaust or the top exhaust?
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